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Are you worried about your slow-charging charger? Do you need a charger that guarantees not only a rapid charging process but also superior durability and remarkable features? If yes, there is no need to search for different providers. It is because we are going to tell you about a reliable provider that gives you magnetic charging cables at an affordable rate.

A warm welcome to Magtame! Here new innovations meet convenience in the wide collection of Magcables. Being pioneers in the world of charging technology, this platform feels proud to provide an extensive selection of Magcables that meet the requirements of modern users. 

Why Should You Choose Magtame for Magnetic Cables?

Whether you use smartphones, laptops, tablets or any other gadgets, Magtame is always here to assist you in choosing the best magnetic cables. In this way, you will get a smooth and hassle-free charging. 

The importance of Magtame is easily understood due to different aspects. One of the main reasons to select Magtame is that it offers you a wide variety of Magcables. In other words, our huge collection is the key factor in deciding its success ratio. Our product line has something to give benefit to every tech user. Some main types of Magcables that Magtame offers you are as follows:


O-Magcables have a feature of embedded magnetic technology that allows you to connect your devices and charger sources quickly and effortlessly. These cables, especially iPhone charging cables,  are beneficial for you. If we talk about the length of these cables, Magtame offers you these cables in different sizes, It typically ranges from one to almost two meters. This range ensures you the flexibility. That is why you can select the cable length that best suits your charging needs.


While considering durability, Magtame O-Magcables are designed to adjust according to your daily uses. They feature a sturdy design and high-quality material to resist bending, tangling, and fraying. In addition, the magnetic connection enhances the durability of your charging cables to give you a stable and secure connection between your commodities over time. 


C-Magcables are USB-C to USB-C magnetic charging cables available at Magtame. These cables are famous for their reliable performance and durability. Their high-quality material allows them to bear about 30kg of pulling force, making them resistant to any type of wear and tear.


In terms of length, you will find different options. The available lengths commonly at Magrame are 1m/3.3FT and 1.5m/5.0FT. If you want to power up your device comfortably, you should choose the ideal length of cables, both Android and iPad charger cables. It is noteworthy that C-Magcables are the practical choice for iPhone users due to their effective and continuous charge flow.

Lightning Magcables

Based on the research, the term ‘Lightning magacables” is used for magnetic cables that are more compatible with Apple users. They are well suited for iPhones and iPads. The Apple magnetic cables use a magnetic connector to attach and detach lightning cables from your devices.  


The length of Lightning cables varies according to manufacturer, but the ideal length options are 3 ft to about 6ft. This way, you will enjoy a flexible charging mechanism. When we talk about durability, these cables are made of materials to withstand regular use. However some providers also offer thickened cords, reinforced connectors, and some other features to increase their lifespan. Keep in mind that the durability of these cables also depends on how you use and maintain them.

USB-C Cables

We already know that the ability to use a single cable for both charging and data transfer is the main feature of USB-C cables. Reversible connectors are also considered an important aspect. These cables combine both performance and affordability. It ensures the rapid charging of your devices and is slightly portable. So you can easily pick them up wherever you go. 


The high-quality connectors and sleek construction ensure reliability and longevity. You can beneficially use these cables with Thunderbolt technology. You can, in turn, attach them to external SSDs. As a result, the difficulty of hanging up your device on a cable connection is reduced to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

We will share our final thoughts by saying that when the point of powering up your devices arises, magnetic charging cables offer you a revolutionary solution. There are many providers that claim the best performance of their charging cables. 

Out of these providers, Magtame is popular due to its reliability and professional work on these cables. This platform gives you an overall good charging experience for all kinds of devices, such as smartphones; both Android and iPhones, laptops, iPads, and many other gadgets. 

Keeping in view the varieties and models of your devices, Magtame manufactures a wide variety of magcables. You can order your demand cables from any part of the world, anytime. Select Magtame cables and brighten the charging future!


How Much is the iPhone Charging Cable?

The price of your iPhone charging cables depends on several factors, such as quality, length, brand, and additional features. If you order these cables from some reputable brand, it will charge from $10 to about $30. However, specialized or premium cables cost more than other Magcables. There are many original magcables at Magtame with more impressive features that you should order for brilliant outcomes.

Which Charging Cable is Used for iPhone 15?

USB-C is a worldwide standard that enables you to sync data, charge, and play video and audio. iPhone 15 models consist of a USB-C connector, which allows you to connect and charge a wide variety of devices, such as iPads, Macs, AirPods Pro, etc., using a USB-C charger cable.

How Long is an iPhone Charger Cable?

The length of your iPhone charging cable is totally up to you, your models and the manufacturer. Generally, the standard lengths are 3 ft, 6 ft, and 10 ft. Now Magtame is also offering more than 1o ft iPhone cables for you.