The Ultimate Guide to USB-C: Everything You Need to Know

USB C cables

You may not have been given a single second to think about the cables and connectors that you use for charging and transferring data between your devices. But you may have noticed a newer type of port in the latest models of your smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. An oval-shaped connector that you can plug from any direction. This rounded connector is more commonly known as the USB-C connector.

This connector is taking the technology world by storm, and its remarkable advantages are making other port types obsolete. Our ultimate guide will provide you with everything you want to understand about USB-C and why you should select this connector type for all your devices.

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What is USB-C?

The USB Implementers Forum sets the specific standards in USB technology. All authentic and certified USB Type-C chargers and cables fulfill these standards in data transfer speeds, size, and shape of connectors. You can easily identify USB-A, B, and C connectors by their shapes. USB-C is elongated and oval-shaped on both sides.

USB-C delivers more power and a higher transfer rate. It can perform multiple functions simultaneously, such as providing display, transferring data, and delivering power at a high speed. Now with the updated version, such as USB 3.1 gen, even tech giants such as Google and Apple consist of these connectors. 

USB Connector Types and Their Shapes

No doubt everyone commonly uses this term in our daily life but not all of them know that USB is the abbreviation of “Universal Serial Bus.” 

When you want to know why USB-C is better than its previous iteration, it becomes necessary to understand USB history. In the 90s, some computer manufacturers were frequently trying to put out new systems for cable connections. Then it became clear that PCS required a versatile standard for connectors for better matching for consumers and USB came to give us the best technology ever. Now, you can use it to charge your ultra-thin smartphones and connect different devices. 

Advantages of USB-C 

Many features make USB-C superior to its predecessors, but the following three advantages make them shine in the connector technology.

  1. Simple and Sleek Design

One of the main features that is hard to beat is its reversible plug. Most users have gone through at least one frustrating experience of plugging in the Micro-USB cable. If you are also one of them, then the option of a USB-C port is here to overcome this situation. You do not need to flip it around to find the proper alignment.


You may feel its symmetrical ends as a small feature but it presents you the convenience behind USB-C. In addition, its design also allows you to use the same connector on the host between two devices. It also reduces the hassle of having different connectors for different devices.

2. Multitasking and Swiftness

The biggest performance benefit of USB-C is the transferring capability of the USB 3. x, especially USB 3.2, to almost 10 to 20 Gigabytes. As it has two unidirectional paths instead of one, it is the best choice for bidirectional bandwidth. 

It also supports a wide variety of video and audio modes. That is why we can say it is a good replacement for the classic 3.5 mm headphone and HDMI cable. Video format includes superHML, DisplayPort, and HDMI and gives audio signals to the speaker too. In addition to these features, you can also charge your smartphone or laptop at the same time as data transfer.

         3.  Faster Charge, More Power

With the increase of advancements, the size of accessories shrinks and their abilities grow. One such feature is its fast charging capability. The latest specifications include various power profiles for streamlining power output for different applications. If you intend to just charge your small devices, such as your mobile phone, you need a lower output, supplying 10W at 5V/2A.

USB adapter

It is possible by using USB-type A, B, or Micro-USB connectors. But USB Type-C can provide you with an astonishing high output of 100W, which is enough to fully charge or power up many energy-intensive gadgets at a high speed.

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Final Thoughts!

In this technology-forward world, everybody relies on their devices, especially smartphones, with an efficient connector or charging port. Here, the concept of USB plays a pivotal role. 

We all know how they look, but we are not deeply aware of the ins and outs of these USB connectors. Among all iterations of these ports, the latest USB-C connector is the most important and more universal than others. 

Its excellent features are the main reason for its significance in our routine devices. So, if you want to save expenses, then do not forget to enjoy its amazing capabilities!

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Is it possible to use a USB-C charger for a non-USB device?

Yes, you can easily use your USB-C charger for a non-USB device. For this purpose, you need an appropriate cable or adapter. You know that power delivery and compatibility change according to a specific device or charger, so make sure about its compatibility before using a USB-C charger. 

What is the Power Delivery of a USB-C Connector?

The power delivery of a USB-C connector is a rapid-charging technology that can deliver almost 240W of power and become compatible with a wide variety of your devices.

Is it Right to Use Third-Party USB-C Charging Cables?

Yes, it is always safe and right to use third-party USB-C cables. These cables include USB-C to Lightning cables, USB-C to USB-C cables, etc. But make sure to purchase these cables from a reputable organization that guarantees better performance and durability.

How Can I Select the Proper USB-C Charger or Cable for My Gadget?

To select the right USB-C connector or cable for your gadget, you should focus on the type of gadget you are charging and the specifications of your selected charging cable. It will help you power up your devices faster than before.