O-Magcable USB C to USB C Cable, 20 Gbps Data Transfer Compatible with Thunderbolt Protocol

$39.99 USD

✅ Fold and organize in seconds
✅ Quick, effortless storage & tangle-free
✅ 3A fast charging & data transfer
✅ Durable, stable & secure
✅ Perfect compatible with all devices

Color: Black


Size: 1m/3.FT


No More Mess

The frustration of traditional messy cables, GOODBYE! The joy of clean Magcables, Hi! The whole cable is magnetic to ensure it sticks together strongly, stays coiled nicely and keeps your desk, car or bag neat and tidy every day.


Easy to Carry & Store

Great for traveling, business trips and daily life. 1 second to grab and go with no tangles!

Make it Big or Small

Your tailored cable organization is here! Magcable is flexible to be curled at your preferred size for travel and storage: Whether 2 circles, 4, or 6, it looks the same—tidy and well-behaved!

20Gbps Data Transfer

Effortlessly transfer a 1G file while you take a few sips of coffee.

Pull, Rebound and Stick!

The entire cable is wrapped by soft magnets regularly that allows you to coil it swiftly and securely.

11 Global Certifications

Based on material and product safety to ensure no harm to the human body worldwide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Fast and Reliable Connection

I use this cable daily to connect my laptop to my eGPU, and it works perfectly with impressive speeds. The cable quality is excellent, with rubberized plastic ends that make it easy to grip for insertion and removal. I’m planning to buy a second one for another dock in our home.

Solved My Docking Issues

I had problems with my previous cable, suspecting it couldn't handle the power draw and eventually fried. This new cable has worked perfectly so far, restoring functionality to my three monitors. Great solution for my docking needs.

Durable and Long-lasting

I bought this cable a few months ago, and it's still in great condition. Unlike other brands, this one lasts. It has proven to be a durable and reliable choice.

Reliable Brand Choice

I have consistently had positive experiences with this brand. Their products are reliable and offer great performance at a reasonable price. Whenever I need a new cable, I always choose Magtame. They provide excellent value for money.

A Girl In Shades
Excellent for Data Migration

I recently upgraded my MacBook and used this Thunderbolt cable for a faster migration. It worked flawlessly, reducing the migration time from several hours over the air to less than 30 minutes. I'm reserving this cable specifically for high-speed data transfers. Very pleased with its quality.