Are Magnetic Charging Cables Good For Your iPhone?

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What is more annoying than a smartphone that has a flat battery? Here at Magtame, we know that your phone is now an important part of your daily life. 

That is why we are always here to provide you with an ideal charging solution if you have an iPhone and want to keep it fully running and powered up anytime, anywhere!

One of the best iPhone cables on the market is new and changes the way you charge your device. It is the magnetic charging cable, which is not like run-on-the-mill chargers and charging cables. 

While its functionality is the same, it provides more durability and convenience with its strong aluminum shielding and anti-breakage magnetic material. In this article, we will shed light on how magnetic cables become beneficial for all iPhone models. Keep reading it carefully!

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Are Magtame Magnetic Cables Good?

Magtame magnetic cables are not only good but also a revolution in the world of charging technology. The most efficient and crowdfunded charging cable in history is responsible for cementing Magtame as an industry leader. 

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Its universal cables are upgrading the whole industry. No more fraying or snagging, no more chances of damage to your iPhone, and no more need to have multiple cables for different devices with these cables.

Important Factors That Make Magnetic Cables Best For iPhone

  • Magnetic Force

The magnetic charging cables have many embedded magnets in them. Their magnetic force is one of the excellent ways to keep your iPhone fully powered up no matter where you go. When you want to attach a charging cable to your device, you insert its charging tip into your smartphone. But with these magnetic cables, the built-in magnets will automatically secure themselves into your phone without any risk of falling off. 

It is also a perfect charging solution for drivers due to easy magnetic connections. It does not require you to plug it in. You will only slide it in and the magnetic force will do the remaining task. Now, some providers are providing magnetic cables with weak magnetic properties that will no longer be secure for charging your iPhone.

  • Fast Charging

Another important feature of these cables is their fast charging capacity. Every tech user wants to charge their smartphones completely in a short period, so these cables are an impressive innovation that provides super-fast charging speeds. Their high speeds are due to the charging current of these cables. Most of these cables supply 0.5 Ampere to 1.0 Ampere charging current. No doubt, a high current supply is good, but safety is also a considerable point. Both safety and efficiency are challenges that these cables can cope with easily.

  • Auto- Centering

Auto-centering can perfectly connect the charging cable and the charging tip magnetically. This point was not easily achievable. That is why magnetic cables come with strong military magnets and an auto-centering feature that allows them to locate and connect to the charging port of your device, even when in the dark or driving.

  • Dual side charging

Its main attractive aspect is a removable adapter tip. You can use both sides of these Magcables for charging and data transfer purposes. You can comfortably snap this cable to the tip and charge without any damage to the charging port. Its removable tip helps you to insert it into your iPhone to keep dust away from the charging port. These magnetic cables with interchangeable tips and dual-side charging make the whole charging process easier than before. 

Apart from these four impressive points, their other positive point is the involvement of LED lights in their design. These lights show whether your iPhone is powering up or not. In addition, such cables are more durable and longer enough that you can move here and there with freedom.

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Which Platform Is Best For Buying Your iPhone Magnetic Cables?

When you enter the market, a lot of brands come across you. Every brand provides magnetic cables with their specific standards. But you should always select the one that is more trustworthy than others. 


Also, trust the platform, which has a team full of expert professionals. If you want to see all of the above features on a single cable, then Magtame will be the best option for you. Its successful record is evidence of its wonderful performance.

Final Thoughts!

From the above discussion, we can conclude that magnetic charging cables are the game-changer in charging technology, and Magtame is better than other brands on the market. Out of the above points, their QC3.0 rapid-charging capability impresses and grabs more users to itself. It helps them to stand out among all types of charging cables. Hope this article will encourage you to invest in these cables now or later. Do not wait any more, and enjoy the supercharging environment right now!


Is Magnetic Charging Safe For My iPhone?

The design of the magnetic charger allows you to safely, wirelessly, and quickly charge your iPhone. This system efficiently adapts to various conditions to optimize powering up your iPhone to almost 15W of power delivery for rapid wireless charging and data transferring. 

Is MagSafe Compatible With All iPhone Models?

The magnetic technology of the MagSafe cable is a versatile feature that makes it compatible with iPhone models that range from iPhone 12 series such as the 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, etc., to the most latest versions such as iPhone 13, 14, and 15.

How Strong is the iPhone Cable Magnet?

The iPhone magnetic cable is strong enough that it can safely hold an iPhone in its place, even in mid-air or lifted off the table. As its rings have accurately and tightly aligned magnets, these cables create a firm attachment that can easily handle the weight of your device.

Can Magtame Magnetic Cable Interfere With Other iPhone Functions?

They are only for charging your iPhone. So they do not interfere with any other iPhone functions. In this way, you can peacefully use such cables.