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Magtame's Lightning Cables: Enhancing Connectivity Magtame stands out as a reliable provider of lightning cables designed to seamlessly integrate with various devices. From O-MagCable USB C to Lightning Cable to C-Magcable USB A to iPhone Cable, each product boasts unique features and benefits tailored to enhance user experience.

O-MagCable USB C to Lightning Cable

Magtame's O-MagCable USB C to USB Type-C Cable is engineered to deliver swift and efficient charging and data transfer. With its USB-C compatibility, users can connect their lightning-enabled Apple devices to a wide array of devices, ensuring versatility and convenience. The durable build ensures longevity, while the connector's snug fit guarantees secure connections.

O-MagCable USB A to Lightning Cable:

Designed for compatibility and convenience, Magtame's O-MagCable USB A to iPhone Cable offers seamless connectivity between lightning-compatible Apple devices and USB A ports. Whether charging your iPhone or syncing data with your computer, this cable provides reliable performance. Its tangle-free design and sturdy construction make it an ideal accessory for everyday use.

C-MagCable USB C to Lightning Plug

Experience rapid charging and data transfer with Magtame's C-MagCable USB C to Cable. Engineered with advanced technology, this cable ensures efficient power delivery, significantly reducing charging times. The USB C connector's reversible design simplifies connection, while the connector's reinforced construction enhances durability, promising long-term reliability.

C-MagCable USB A to Lightning Cable

Magtame's C-MagCable USB A to iPhone C-Mag Cable offers seamless compatibility with various devices, enabling effortless charging and data transfer. Its tangle-resistant design and robust construction guarantee durability, making it a dependable companion for daily use. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, this cable ensures reliable performance whenever you need it.

Why Choose Magtame?

Magtame prioritizes quality, innovation, and user satisfaction, as reflected in its cable lineup. Here's why you should choose Magtame for your connectivity needs:

  • Premium Quality: Each Magtame charging cable is crafted with the highest quality materials and meticulously tested to ensure reliability and durability.
  • Innovative Technology: Magtame integrates cutting-edge technology into its cables, enhancing charging speeds, data transfer rates, and overall performance.
  • Wide Compatibility: Magtame cables are designed to be compatible with multiple types of devices, ensuring hassle-free connectivity across various platforms.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Magtame emphasizes customer satisfaction and provides exceptional support and service, ensuring a positive experience for every user.

Contact Magtame

Ready to elevate your connectivity experience? Contact Magtame today to explore our lightning cable line and discover the perfect solution for your needs. Embrace seamless connectivity with Magtame - where innovation meets reliability.


A USB C to Lightning cable is a type of cable used to connect devices with a USB-C port, such as certain laptops and chargers, to devices with a Lightning port, such as iPhones and iPads. This cable facilitates fast charging and data transfer between devices with different connector types, providing versatility and convenience for users with mixed ecosystems of devices.

A USB A to Lightning cable is utilized for connecting devices with a Lightning port, such as iPhones and iPads, to devices with a USB-A port, like computers and chargers. This cable enables data transfer and charging between older devices with USB-A ports and newer devices with Lightning ports, ensuring compatibility and connectivity across different device types

No, not all USB C cables support video transmission. While many USB C cables are capable of transmitting data, power, and video signals simultaneously, this capability depends on the specific cable's design and specifications. It's essential to check the cable's specifications and capabilities to ensure it supports video transmission if that functionality is required.

The length of a USB C cable can vary depending on factors such as its quality, design, and intended use. Generally, USB C cables are available in various lengths ranging from a few inches to several meters. However, longer cables may experience signal degradation or power loss over extended distances, so it's advisable to choose a length suitable for your specific needs and applications.

When looking to purchase a USB C cable, Magtame stands out as a leading seller offering high-quality cables with reliable performance. At Magtame, you can find a wide range of USB C and USB A cables, including various lengths, specifications, and designs to suit your specific requirements. Visit Magtame's online store or authorized retailers to explore their selection and purchase numerous cables with confidence.