Magtame 100W PD USB C Magnetic Adapter, 20 Gbps Data Transfer

$16.99 USD
  • The 100W Fast Charging Magconnector is a cutting-edge accessory designed to facilitate seamless conversion between USB Type-C male and female heads. Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy in an elegant steel color, this adapter ensures the utmost durability and reliability for all your charging and data transfer needs. Its compact dimensions and lightweight design make it incredibly portable, ideal for on-the-go use.

  • ✓ Universal Compatibility: This adapter is compatible with any standard USB Type-C interface equipment and connecting wires, allowing you to use it with a wide range of devices effortlessly.
    ✓ Fast Charging Capabilities: With support for QC4.0/3.0/2.0 fast charging, the adapter can handle up to 100W of PD super-fast charging with a 5A current and 20V voltage. Enjoy rapid charging for your devices without compromising safety.
    ✓ Enhanced Signal Integrity: Thanks to its innovative design, the adapter protects your equipment interface and minimizes signal loss during data transfer, ensuring stable and efficient communication between devices.
    ✓ Magnetic Function: The adapter features a magnetic suction mechanism, which enhances its usability and provides a secure connection between your USB Type-C devices.

  • ✓ Output: 5A
    ✓ Material: Aluminum alloy
    ✓ Dimensions:18.8 x 12.8 x 7.4mm
    ✓ Weight: 3.5g