Magtame Nexus-M CtoC Package

O-Magcable & C-Magcable
$109.99 USD

✅ Fold and organize in seconds
✅ Quick, effortless storage & tangle-free
✅ 3A fast charging & data transfer
✅ Durable, stable & secure
✅ Perfect compatible with all devices

No More Mess

The frustration of traditional messy cables, GOODBYE! The joy of clean Magcables, Hi! The whole cable is magnetic to ensure it sticks together strongly, stays coiled nicely and keeps your desk, car or bag neat and tidy every day.


Easy to Carry & Store

Great for traveling, business trips and daily life. 1 second to grab and go with no tangles!

Make it Big or Small

Your tailored cable organization is here! Magcable is flexible to be curled at your preferred size for travel and storage: Whether 2 circles, 4, or 6, it looks the same—tidy and well-behaved!

480Mbps Data Transfer

Effortlessly transfer a 1G file while you take a few sips of coffee.

Pull, Rebound and Stick!

The entire cable is wrapped by soft magnets regularly that allows you to coil it swiftly and securely.

11 Global Certifications

Based on material and product safety to ensure no harm to the human body worldwide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tough and Dependable

These are tough and dependable cords that can handle anything. I highly recommend these; thanks for the quality cables!

Very Nice Charging Cords

These charging cords are very nice. They're well-made and flexible, exactly what I wanted. I liked them enough to order more of the short ones and will likely order more in the future.

J. Shorten
Best Bang for Your Buck

These cables are the best bang for your buck. They work extremely well, and my whole family loves that they're made with fabric instead of plastic. This prevents a lot of incidents with wires poking out. Highly recommend!

Excellent Value

These cables offer excellent value for money. Each one works well, and the sleeving adds to their durability. I'll definitely buy more as needed!

Durable and Cat-Proof

I've been using these cords for over a month, and they've held up well, even being run over by my wheelchair. The cloth covering protects the wires, so my cats don't get shocked when they play or chew on them. The length is great, and I was able to share a cord with a friend because they were reasonably priced. Great product!