Charge Your iPhone Safely With iPhone Charging Cable

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Normally, when you talk about the safety of your iPhone, people advise you to not fully charge or discharge your device. They also suggest that you should power it down to avoid extra battery usage and keep it in a moisture-free and cool environment. 

However, according to us, more than 50% of battery health increases when you start using reliable iPhone charging cables. It is a smart step towards extending the lifespan of your expensive gadget.

Keep in mind that every type of charging cable is not suitable for your device. Whether you have an Apple charger or a third-party charger, understanding the key features of such cables is always necessary. 

For this purpose, you always need to be conscious while selecting it. In this blog post, we will show you the significance of choosing an efficient cable and how to use it safely. 

Choosing the Right iPhone Charging Cable

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While standing in the market, many options for iPhone cables come before you. But we recommend the type of cable that is high in both quality and compatibility. 

No doubt, official Apple cables have all the capabilities to fulfill all the requirements of your iPhone, giving optimal performance and safety as well. 

In contrast to these cables, third-party cables are available at affordable rates, but they will not provide you with the same level of performance and quality.

Considerable Points For Selecting a Safe Third-Party Charging Cable

Apple company provides you with charging cables with the certificates and also undergoes many tests to meet strict safety values. However, third-party cables do not go through such testing, which increases the chances of overheating issues, fire risks, and damage to the battery. Here, the best option for a safe charging system is the magnetic charging cables

Move forward and be happy to know that the best service provider– Magtame is the only platform that guarantees to manufacture iPhone cables that charge your device safely.

Key Features To Look For In A Magnetic Charging Cable

Do you want to buy a magnetic cable but do not know which one is safe for your device and meets safety standards? If so, do not worry and check the following features in your cable;

MFi certification: It shows that Apple approves this charging cable, and you can use it comfortably.

Length: It depends on your need to select a long or short cable.

Durable construction: The durable construction of magnetic cables will help your device remain safe from breaking down over time.

Support for fast charging: Every user needs a cable with super-fast charging speed. So, you should also consider it.

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Safety Tips for Charging Your iPhone

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When the question of safely powering up your device with magnetic cables arises, it becomes necessary to keep some safety tips in mind. 

  • One of the major safety tips is to avoid charging your device on surfaces that overheat quickly, such as sofas and beds.
  • You should also take care that your iPhone is away from water and other liquids while charging. Otherwise, the risk of any electrical hazard rises.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • A common mistake is that many users keep on using frayed cables for a long time. It not only slows down the charging speed of your device but also poses safety risks.
  •  Another mistake is to avoid using your iPhone charging cables at extreme temperatures because it is harmful to battery life and its overall performance.

Best Practices for Long-Term Cable Care

  • Magnetic cable has a durable material but if you want to increase the lifespan of your cable, you must handle it with care. Avoid twisting or bending your cable excessively because it leads to both internal and external damage to the magnetic connector.
  • When you unplug the cable, hold it from the connector and do not pull on the wire itself. Also, keep your cable in a safe place that is away from the reach of children and pets to prevent accidental damage.
  • Inspect your magnetic cable regularly and repair it when you see any damage in it. It will keep your iPhone working at its best.

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Final Thoughts!

In final thoughts, selecting the right and affordable iPhone charging cable is as important as your iPhone itself. Whether you choose an official Apple cable or a third-party cable, you must pay attention to the safety of both your cable and device.

By understanding the main features and applying safety tips in your life, you can face an efficient and smooth charging experience.

Avoiding the above mistake and following the care practices will prolong the life of your magnetic cable. Do not forget to power up safely with our Magtame charging cables. Thank you!


What Should Be the Proper Timing for Charging My iPhone?

The easiest way to power up your iPhone is to use a fast charging cable such as a 20-watt USB-C to Lightning cable. As long as you have an iPhone 8 or the versions ahead, the best magnetic cable should take a maximum of 30 to 35 minutes for almost 60% charging and an hour to fully charge your device.

Can I Charge My iPhone With a Traditional Charging Cable?

Yes, you can charge your iPhone with “Made for iPhone” or any other traditional cable that should have a USB 2.0 adapter or later with the latest applicable national and international regulations and regional safety standards as well,

Do iPhone Cables Provide My iPhone 15 Fast Charging?

You can have the super-fast charging speed of your iPhone 15 with a USB Type-C cable that came in your iPhone box or a previous iPhone model having a USB-C to Lightning cable with the adapters 18W, 35W, 87W, 96W, or 140W.

Is It Safe to Charge My iPhone With a Power Bank?

Many people say that a high-capacity power bank can easily damage a smartphone but it is not true. Bundle of thanks to the iPhone’s wonderful charging management that made the use of power banks safe and secure. Your iPhone will only use its power and nothing else.