Buy the Best iPhone Charger Cable Original at Magtame

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Do you want to improve your charging experience? Are you in search of the best charging essentials for your iPhone? Stop and be happy. It is because we came up with a service provider that is always available to offer you different charging accessories with wonderful performance and reliability. The name of such a provider is Magtame. 

As your iPhone is expensive, you will also want to use it for longer. It is possible only by having the best iPhone charging cable. With the top-quality and original cables at Magtame, you can get rid of unreliable connections and slow charging. 

These cables are high in both quality and durability. In addition, you will also enjoy their compatibility feature. Do not settle for a subpar charging experience anymore, and charge your iPhone the best way with high-quality magnetic cables.

Why Do Original iPhone Charger Cables Matter?

When the point of powering up your iPhone arises, using an original charger cable becomes necessary for optimal performance. Original cable specifically works with your gadget. It ensures fast and efficient charging every time you use it. 

By investing in a genuine iPhone charger cable from Magtame, you can rest assured that you are getting a fast charger cable for your iPhone that will power up your phone quickly and also protect it from all kinds of potential hazards, such as sparking, short-circuiting, etc.

If you are an iPhone user, let us explore a wide collection of cables at Magtame now!

USB iPhone Cables

When you want to target iPhone USB cables, you are talking about delivering fast and efficient charging for your gadget. At Magtame, these cables are available in different lengths to suit your specific needs. Our super-quality materials and reinforced connectors ensure maximum durability. Also, our standard USB ports make them seamlessly connected for smooth power delivery to the iPhone. In this way, all kinds of iPhone cables, especially your iPhone 15 charger cable, will last as long as your device will.

USB C cable

Lightning iPhone Cables

If you are among those who are looking for Apple-certified iPhone lightning cables, look no further than a trustworthy platform–Magtame. Such cables meet all of Apple's strict standards for astonishing efficiency and quality. As a result, they become compatible with all your lightning-enabled commodities. With the MFi certification, you will get peace of mind, promising that your iPhone will remain protected from common damages that usually occur due to non-certified accessories.

MagSafe Charging Cables

MagSafe charging cable is one of the ideal iPhone 15 pro charging cables that redefines the proper charging method for your iPhone. With a built-in magnetic connector that simply clicks into its place, these cables can be your secure and convenient charging solution. Moreover, you will see the elimination of the need for frequent attachment and detachment. Bid farewell to other knockoff cables and welcome top-rated iPhone charging cables.


USB iPhone Cable: Available in common lengths of 3 ft, 6 ft, and 10 ft.

Lightning iPhone Cable: MFi certified for being compatible with all lightning devices.

usb c cord

MagSafe Charging Cable: Have a magnetic connector for an easy and secure charging process.

Why Choose Magtame?

  • Superior Quality: Magtame iPhone cables are crafted using premium materials. The expert professionals undergo rigorous testing to verify every aspect of these cables.
  • Fast Charging: With our advanced technology, Magtame provides you with a fast charger cable for your iPhone to keep your device powered up and ready to go.
  • Trusted Brand: Magtame is among the trusted brands in the charging industry. It is well-known for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
  • Warranty: With a many-year guarantee, Magtame offers its clients peace of mind with every purchase.


All kinds of the above-mentioned charging cables are well-suited for all iPhone versions. Say no to slow-charging and unreliable cables with poor charging ports. Do not settle for cheap cables that can pose a threat to your iPhone and personal safety. 

Keeping in view these aspects, if you want to get the best outcome, do not forget to contact Magtame. Do not wait any longer! Come on and upgrade to Magtame iPhone charger cables today and move to a new level of charging performance! 


What is the Lightning Cable for an iPhone?

The iPhone lightning cable is a special type of connecting and charging cable that Apple made especially for their devices, such as iPads, iPhones, and iPods. Its design contains a plug that you can put in either way, which makes it easy to use. This cable facilitates fast data transfer and charging between Apple gadgets, computers, or power adapters. 

How Much is the iPhone Charger Cable?

As the brand varies, the prices of iPhone cables also vary. In turn, the prices of these cables also depend on the quality and length of these cables. Third-party iPhone cables cost around $5 to $20, and Apple-branded cables range from $19 to $29. Its higher price offers you much better performance. At Magtame, budget-friendly options are also available for you.

Does the iPhone 14 Use a Lightning Cable?

No, the lightning cable is not suitable for the iPhone 14. Apple moved to USB charging with the emergence of the iPhone 12 series. We expect that it will continue to be an upcoming iPhone model as well. That is why the iPhone 14 also adopts USB-C charging for versatile connectivity, according to Apple's latest modifications.

How to Fix a Broken iPhone Cable?

If you want to fix your broken iPhone cable, we suggest you buy a repair kit at electronic stores or online. Such kits contain tools and connectors for splicing wires. You can also use moldable glue to reinforce damaged parts of your cable.

What Charging Cable is for the iPhone 13?

If you are an iPhone 13 user, keep in mind that the Lightning to USB-C charging cable will fulfill your charging requirements easily. Such a cable has a Lightning connector on one end and a USB-C connecting port at the other end. In this way, there will be rapid charging when pairing up with a compatible USB-C power adapter.