Things to Consider Buying a USB C Charging Cable

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Many years ago, charging your smartphone was nothing but a nightmare. Almost every service provider came with their standard, and every gadget had a different plug. Using the same charger for various devices was only a dream.

But nowadays, with the rising concept of USB-C cables, charging our modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc with the same plug has become common everywhere. Even the latest iPhone model; iPhone 15; also adopted a USB-C connector.

So when you are in the market and selecting your charging cable, you are indirectly choosing the future of your charging system. If you want to have the right selection, you must have complete knowledge about your selected cable. In this blog post, we will explain the points that you must consider while buying a USB-C charging cable.

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What to Look For When Investing In a USB-C cable?

As we can see, the specs of USB Type-C cables are quite confusing. Fortunately, all of them are not necessary for charging. Especially when you are just purchasing a replacement of your charging cable for your laptop or smartphone, you can ignore most of these specs.

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One of the most important specs is the supported electric current (with symbol A) of the charging cable and the supported voltage (with symbol V). When you look at these two numbers, simply multiply them and see what would be the electric output of your cable in Watts. Because the formula of watt is W = A x V. For example, if your USB Type-C cable provides charging 3A 20V, you will be able to get 60W power from this cable (3A x 20V = 60W).

Here the good news is that there is not much variation of numbers between USB-C standards. Now every USB Type-C cable can handle 3A at 20V. It means every charging cable can easily supply 60W to your device. This power is enough for your smartphone but for laptops, you need some extra power supply.

Steps for Selecting An Ideal Charging Cable

Are you standing in the market and looking for the best USB-C cable, do not be confused and follow the following steps;

Step 1: Consider the faster charging speed and check the charging standards of your brick

First of all, check your charging brick. For the highest wattage output, you will need to consider the fine print on your brick. Another way to do so is to check the manufacturer’s product page or manual. This step becomes more important when you own a third-party charger or charging cable and wish to improve your smartphone’s charging capabilities. They will be either Quick Charge ( shortened to QC) or PowerDelivery (PD for short) with a number. Other standards are specific for some manufacturers and would not work for most other brands.

Step 2: Check the supported fast-charging standards of your devices and their maximum charging speed

The second step is to check out the maximum charging speed of your mobile phone or some other devices and the fast charging standards of your USB cable. These standards are easily visible on the manual of your cable or the website of its manufacturer. Consider that these standards match what your brick can supply.

Step 3: Determine what is the necessary charging speed

When you know the charging rates of your devices, you become able to figure out the kind of USB-C magnetic cable that is according to your needs. If your charging is a maximum of 60W, a standard USB-C cable from some reputable brand is enough for it because it can efficiently supply 60W power to your device.

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But if your device has different voltage or current requirements, you cannot use this standard cable for high charging speed and need a cable better than this.

Step 4: For USB-C to USB-C charging cables, look for their maximum voltage and amperage

The last step is to look for the maximum voltage and amperage of your selected USB-C cable. Some cables exceed 60W of power supply and support 20V at 5A. Such cables are suitable for you when you own a device with a bigger charging brick such as laptops and tablets etc.

Final Thoughts!

Nowadays most tech users are using USB-C or Lightning cables. When you intend to purchase these cables, many points are noteworthy such as charging power, compatibility, cable length, data transfer speed, certifications, price, and warranty, etc. You must consider all these points while buying them.

Also, choose a well-reputed service provider such as Magtame for this purpose. This is because Magtam has a successful record of providing charging cables with all the above-mentioned qualities. Go to Magtame, follow the given steps, and do some good shopping right now!

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How Long Can a USB-C Cable Be?

The best USB-C cable length depends on many factors such as its construction, material, specifications, and material. The standard length is 0.5 meters to 5 meters. For extra long charging cable, you need a signal booster or active cable usually available at a higher cost.

What is a USB-C to Lightning Cable?

A USB-C to Lightning cable is a special kind of connector. Its specific quality is that it can charge and sync only those devices having a Lightning port, including iPhones and iPads, by using a USB-C connector. It is commonly found in the latest versions of tablets, laptops, and chargers.

What Uses a USB-C Cable?

USB-C Cables are so versatile that you can use them for various purposes such as powering up mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices. You can also use these cables for connecting peripherals such as keyboards, monitors, mice, and other external accessories to your computer.

Where to Buy a USB-C Cable?

For purchasing a USB-C cable, we advise you to contact a trustworthy service provider which is a wonderful platform working with the collaboration of highly expert professionals. One of the best and most reliable platforms is Magtame which has a good previous track of satisfying all the clients.

Are There Different Types of USB-C Cables?

Yes, Magtame provides many types of USB-C cables to its customers. These types include USB-C to USB-C cables, USB-C to USB-A cables, USB-C to Lightning cables etc.