What You Need to Know About the Power of Magtame USB C Cable

USB C cables

In the era in which we are living, smartphones and laptops have become part and parcel of our lives. So, it is more necessary to have a reliable charging cable.

Here, the Magtame USB-C cable is a great revolution because it changes the overall experience of powering up our devices. A large number of features are responsible for making this cable the most popular one. We will shed light on all these features extensively.

Now, welcome to our interactive blog post, where we will discuss the incredible power of USB-C cable in detail. If you are facing any trouble with slow charging or tangled cords then you are in the right place now. Sit back and be prepared to see how these innovative cables transform your complete charging system!

What Magtame USB-C Cable Provides You?

60W Super Fast Charging

The most attractive feature of the Magtame USB-C cable is that it provides you with super fast or lightning-fast charging speeds. In contrast to conventional cables that take many hours to fully charge your gadget, The USB-C cable will do it in a very short time. The secret behind its fast speed lies in its high power delivery capacity. The design of this cable consists of a superior copper core that ensures the continuous transfer of power. In this way, you will get a significantly fast charging experience.

Whether you want to power up your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, it will not let you down. The Magtame double-headed Type-C 3A rapid USB Type-C cable can support PD3.0-QC3.0-QC4.0 speeds to almost 60W (20V/3A). This speed is 2.2 times faster than the previous 3.1A version and allows you to power up your iPad Pro to almost 64% in just 35 minutes, your MacBook Air to 100% within one and a half hours, and your USB-C smartphone from 0% to about 90% in within 35 minutes. Enjoy the improved charging rates for having maximum productivity at your work.

Tangle-Resistant Magnetic Design

Tangled cables are no more part of your workstation with Magtame Magnetic Cable Organizer. This must-have accessory keeps your cable neat and organized as well as prevents it from getting cluttered or forming knots with other cables. This cable organizer has two magnetic clips that can smoothly snap on the cable. 

You can easily attach it to any desired surface such as your nightstand or desk, and this cable will remain in place. As a result, you will not only get a tidy workplace but also save the time that is wasted in untangling the cables. No more frustration with cable tangles and knots with Magtame USB-C cable due to its tangle-resistant sleek design, simplifying both usage and storage. Perfect for your office use and on the go!

Rapid Data Transfer

In addition to fast charging, the best USB-C cable also supports high data transfer speeds that are perfect for syncing your important photos, files, or videos between connected devices at speeds of almost 480Mbps. With this transfer rate, you can easily move media content and large files in a very few minutes. Also, your data will remain safe with superb storage capacity. It can transfer 1GB of files in almost 20 seconds, ensuring efficient connectivity and productivity.

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International Product Disclaimer

International products have different terms and are sold from separate platforms that are different from the local product in many ways, such as age ratings, fit, the language of product instructions, or labeling.  When you want to purchase from international sources, you must be aware of these variations. It is because that will impact your satisfaction with your product and overall experience. That is why Magtame recommends you review the details and terms to understand USB-C cable specifications. At Magtame, these cables are available with the following specifications;

Size: 1 meter

Style: C to C round cable

Colour: Black

Special Feature: Easy organization

Compatible devices: iPad mini 6, iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 2021, USB-C devices such as smartphones and laptops, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 20, Google Pixel 3-4-5-6, etc.

Final Thoughts!

In sharing our final thoughts, we will say that you can never underestimate the importance of these Magtame USB-C cables after reading about the above features. It is now a groundbreaker in the whole charging technology.

So, we recommend investing in these cables readily to cope with the issues of tangled and slow charging cables. At Magtame, you will get them at a reasonable price. You can also order these cables through the Magtam website. Come forward and contact Magtame today!

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What is a USB-C Cable?

A USB-C charging cable is a special type of cable and connector that you can use for powering up and transferring data between different electronic devices. The speed of both charging and data transfer is very fast. That is why most tech users prefer these cables over other cables.

Are All USB-C Cables the Same?

No, all USB-C cables are not the same. All of them have the same type of connector, but they can vary in terms of their power delivery capabilities, speed, and compatibility with other gadgets. So, it is necessary to select the one that suits your needs and matches your device’s model.

What is a USB-C to Lightning Cable?

A USB-C to Lightning cable is one of the best charging and data transfer cables. This cable has a USB-C connector on one slide and a Lightning connector on the other side. Due to this feature, this cable is compatible with all devices having USB-C or Lightning charging ports.

Do All USB-C Cables Transfer Data?

No, all USB-C cables do not transfer data. While many cables support both data transfer and power delivery, some cables are specific for charging. It all depends on the cable's design and specifications.

Do All USB-C Cables Support Videos?

Not all USB-C cables can transmit videos. For video transmission, these cables should support protocols such as HDMI Alternate Mode or DisplayPort. Do not forget to check the specifications of these cables for their video transmission capability.