Magtame Brand Activity: CES 2024, We Are Here!

magtame team

Magtame's first appearance at CES 2024, Las Vegas, USA, the largest international consumer electronics show. This records a passionate moment for our brand Magtame as we're ready to display our creative magnetic charging cables and make a lasting impression.


Our booth buzzed with excitement as vistors flooded in. Magtame wowed the crowd with an impressive lineup of most innovative magnetic charge cables, that coiled in a neat and tidy shape, showing the balance of simplicity and practicality. From cutting-edge magnetic technology to forward-thinking designs, our magcables aim to redefine your charging experience daily.

magnetic cables

CES 2024 marks a significant chapter in our brand's journey. Participating in CES is not merely an event; it's an experience. We We embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with being newcomers, recognizing that every interaction and feedback received at CES contributes to the growth of our brand. The journey continues, and we're eager to see where the innovations of today will take us tomorrow…